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29 August 2008 @ 07:59 am

Friday has finally arrived.  Another week of slowly losing what is left of my soul to the mundane reality of working for the man.......Yes Ezra, I mean you!  Luckily I was able to meet someone even stronger than Ezra that can make me feel like myself again every weekend - Captain Morgan, take me away!

My boss called me at 7:30 this morning from home and said have you ever had one of those mornings where everything you do goes wrong and for every step you take forward you take 3 back?  I was like "hello...have you met me"???????  I just wish it was only a  mere morning and not a way of life with me.  She said she is not coming in today and that I am in charge again and then thanked me for at least making her laugh today.  Sounds like my job is done and I should go home now!

Last night for the second night in a row I had the house alone  - well, if you don't count the four animals.  Kwamagu went to the fair with his family.  I cleaned the house for awhile and took the dogs out and played with them and then I sat down to read a book that Chard loaned me.  He and Kwamagu have been telling me how good it is and I have been resisting reading it.   Well...........It has really captured my attention and now I wish I could be at home reading it.  I should have brought it to work with me and shut my door with a big ole do not disturb sign............

Sunday our "party" has turned more into a cookout.......A small gathering of friends who are coming together to celebrate labor.  It is supposed to be sunny and 80 - I am looking forward to just being outside and enjoying the day with Morgan.  Our temporary house elf has been missing in action all week so forgive me if our horsehoe pits are jungle-like! 


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26 August 2008 @ 09:29 am
It's official.........We are heading to Vegas in a few weeks.  I just looked at the weather channel and the day we arrive it is supposed to be 105!  I know...I know.....It's a dry heat.  So is the frackin' oven!  I am not so sure I would want to spend a week in the broiler!  Thank God for AC...I was thinking about coming back a day early but I just realized I would be flying on 9/11.......It makes me a little nervous.  

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25 August 2008 @ 03:29 pm

I am in the process of planning a labor day party/bbq.  I am thinking Sunday would be a good day.  I guess I should mention it to kwamagu so he isn't shocked when people show up.........

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25 August 2008 @ 09:00 am
 Mondays are so so so painful for me.   I am thinking it's time for me to get a note from a head shrinker saying I am no longer able to work on Mondays.  I never sleep right on Sunday night.  Maybe it is because my body is detoxing from alcohol and smoke from me being a weekend warrior......

This was a good weekend.  Had our friends over Friday night for cards and went out to the bar Saturday night.  I was drinking beer Saturday so that means I wasn't feeling any pain.  I am not sure why beer gets me looped so much faster than Capt'n Morgan.  Maybe it was because happy hour was from 10-11 wwith 99 cent beer and being a value shopper I got about 5 in that hour!  It was fun seeing everyone at the bar.  I really enjoyed finally seeing Mr. Potato Head..........

The outside hand railing is finally done!!!!  We stained it a mossy green color that matches our outdoor furniture and I think it looks really good.  I also got the lawn mowed Saturday.  I didn't do any damage like I did last week.  Last week I got the push mower out and after using it for less than a minute I managed to cut through the invisible dog fence at the one and only point it is above ground.  OOPS!  At least it was an eady fix.  

Yesterday morning Ouisa called and said she had taken a corned beef out and wondered if we wanted to do dinner......Of course we said yes so she brought it over and it was very tasty.  Chard also came over and we watched the Olympic closing ceremonies.  The opening ceremonies were better.  Oh, I still remain ping pong champion in Lansing...........Even with a hangover I am the ping pong God!

My sister sent me an email this morning to remind me that 7 years ago today our Mother died.  I responded to her saying thank you for reminder of one of the worst days of my life and maybe next year she could find a special hallmark card to send me - Maybe something with a coffin on the cover?  Dunno...............

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22 August 2008 @ 08:16 am

 Friday is finally here.   I am doing my happy dance.  The last time I did a happy dance it was biblical.  We had rain for 40 days and 40 nights so have your dingys ready!

It's been a busy week.  For the last two nights our visiting house elf ouisa (on loan from the R&R) has been over working on our weed bed that has become overgrown with flowers.  It is looking so much better.  After the gardening and slaving over a hot bbq,  I have been trying to teach both he and Kwamagu how to play ping-pong......Alas, to the dismay of both Ouisa and Kwamagu who think they are better players, once again my hawk like vision and cat like agility have made me undefeated.  Watching me playing ping pong must be the same as how it was watching Picasso paint........A true artist at work.

This weekend I have a lot I want to accomplish.  Once again I am placing painting the railing outiside on my list.  It has been on my list since spring but unfortunately it is always forgotten.  I also have to mow and sit down and pay my bills....I have a really bad habit of just stacking my bills up when they arrive and then forgetting about them.  I have most of my bills being paid directly out of my account so I don't have to deal with them, but there are a few stragglers that I always tend to ignore until I get a disconnection notice.  For example, my cable bill came the other day and it was $450 - Apparently I haven't paid them since the end of May and they seem to have a problem with that - OOPS...

Today is my friend OrpheusNY's b-day.  I will have to buy him a few cocktails tomorrow night.  Evil shots would be fun.  Maybe we can get him dancing on the pool table (again)....

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18 August 2008 @ 07:48 am
 Somehow it is Monday already.  The weekend went by way too fast.  It was a good weekend but once again I didn't manage to accomplish two of the three things that were on my to do list.    
1.  Mow lawn - done
2.  Weed flower beds - not done
3.  Paint hand rail outside stairs - not done

Friday night we had the girls over for cards.  Around 10 that night we decided it would be fun to have a cookout Sat since we haven't really done much of that this summer.  Saturday we had our friends over for some BBQ ribs, croquet and mini-bonfire. I used my secret rib recipe that I found on the internet Saturday morning.  I have never cooked ribs before and I think the were pretty tasty!   It was a nice day.  We only got in one game of crotchet before the sun went down.  Grandma Ouisa won and did a vitory lap in her hover-round....

Sunday was a lazy day.  I did 3 loads of laundry that were in my hamper (hamper = bedroom floor).  We took the dogs for a walk in the park and then went to the movies.  We saw Tropic Thunder and on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best) it was about a 2.5!  It had so much potential to be good but ended up being over the top stupid.  I spilled my diet pepsi on my shirt and had to change seats to get out of the puddle....Ran into Jamie and Shasta at the theater - They were going to see Mirrors......I wish we would have....... 

Anyway....here I am at work ( since 6:45) and Kwamagu is still snoring away....I am not jealous.....
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14 August 2008 @ 08:03 am

  This morning was an adventerous ride in to work.  I am used to the 9 mile drive of dodging deer, turkeys and cyclists, but wht I had never anticipated having to avoid in the road was a mini-fridge!  Someone moving into the institute on the hill must have lost it off the back of their truck.  Luckily, my hawk eyes,  cat like agility and Nascar driving skills all kicked in at the same time and I was able to swerve just in time to miss it.  I pulled over and dragged it to the side of the road to protect others who do not have the same abilities that I have....I have done my good deed for the day so now I can be evil.  (Life is all about balance)

Last night was fun night.  The dogs grandma W came over for dinner and some ping pong action.  She plays really well for an old lady.  She was hitting angle shots that cannot be explained by the laws of physics.  I need to lose 75 pounds and grow 8 inches taller and then I will be all over those shots!  We ended up tied - 1-1.  Kwamagu, on the other hand, beat each of us at least three times .  He watched olympic table tennis, came up with a bunch of new rules and then beat us both.  He is like Rain Man and is evil.  I am going to list him on free-cycle and put him on the curb......



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12 August 2008 @ 08:30 am
 This morning I was having a really good dream until I was blasted out of bed by the alarm clock.  I can only remember a small fragment of the dream.  It was kind of Harry Potterish or if you are familiar with Xbox it was a lot like the fable game.  I remember my Mother talking to me and saying you have to remember this dream and write it down and it will be the key to your success.  However, after getting out of bed, being licked by the dog, walking downstairs and listening to Prestone D on the radio the dream was gone.  I guess I will have to keep working at least one more day before my kabillion dollar idea returns.....

When my mother was dying, we had a lot of talks about life after death.  I specifically told her then that if she wanted to communicate with me from beyond, don't do any of that dream stuff that people talk about because quite frankly, I am too dense to get it.  I would need clear communication from her, like say an email or text or something.  So far she has not sent me any clear messages and if she is trying to communicate with me through dreams she should stop letting the dancing boys slip into them........Once I see them I forget everything else.

Last night was apparently pride night at Targay - I saw mark koplinko, rob trampolini and even the rarely spotted house elf of aarhead and      drdjmike.  Spotting fonzie in the daytime is almost as hard as spotting the loch-ness monster.   We have all heard the stories about others who claim to have spotted her, but you never really think you will see her yourself. 
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I really hate Mondays.  I had a former employee who had a medical excuse from her head shrinker stating that she could not work on Mondays......it was too traumatic for her.  Therefore, the company allowed her to have every Monday off.  I am thinking that I am developing the same affliction............
I had some very bad news today.  Our staffing plan has been shot down by the staffing group of idiots.  My boss's boss presented to them last week and they basically said go away biotch...........We are hoping we can modify it and re-submit.  The HR person who is in this group is basically a waste of DNA - She thinks the big bang is when she and her husband start off too close to the headboard......Oh well, I am not a bitter person..............I have no evil wishes towards her.   I would never hope she gets fat, has a flat tire, Sharts in her pants etc - that would just be childish of me.   Does anyone know where I can get some voodoo dolls made quickly?  Maybe my friends Aarhead or Pearl could make them, they have the crafting gene that I am missing.......If you need a lock of her hair just let me know, I would be happy to get a hand-full from the roots!!

On a lighter note.........pun intended..........my sticky fingered friend aarhead gave me a belated b-day present on Saturday.  He picked it out himself (or should I say picked it up)?   I have to admit I was a little nervous when he told me he had to give me something but it had to be in private.  I was relieved to find out it was just stolen property and not some bizare sex toy thing again.... 
08 August 2008 @ 08:06 am
 It took a long long time......but Friday is FINALLY here!!  I have zero planned meetings today.  That is unheard of here.  I didn't even block off my calander yet it remained free.  Maybe the Gods looked down and decided to give me a break.........Our office admin who is one of my work bffs just came in and told me it's 08/08/08 and the next time that happens we'll be dead.  I am not sure what she was trying to say to me.......I think she was trying to say we are getting old (well, she is hitting 40 this year) - but she tends to have several blond moments before her morning coffee.....well, to be honest, she has just as many of those moments after her morning pot of coffee too.  For example........she has a long drive in to work from napkins glenn so she carpools with two different drivers...one drives her in the morning and one takes her home in the evening.  Last week she brought her own car in because her morning driver was on vacation.  After work she walked over to driver #2's office and rode home with her like normal.  It was not until she got home and thought her car was stolen that she realized what she did!  Once again I had to let her know that I am not laughing with her...I am laughing at her!

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